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Final Fantasy XIII | Collector Catalog Upgrade: Connoisseur Catalog (Full Level Improved)
Versão: Playstation 3 Melhor visualizado: 720p expandido Better viewed: 720p double size Evoluíndo o acessório Collector Catalog para Connoisseur Catalog e desenvolvendo por completo o acessório Connoisseur Catalog. Informações sobre o jogo: Nome: Final Fantasy XIII Gênero: RPG Plataformas: PS3 / X360 Distribuidora: Square Enix Desenvolvedora: Square Enix Data de Lançamento: 09 de Março, 2010 Para notícias sobre games, acesse: http://filialdosgames.blogspot.com/
Chocobo Racing and Durable Collector's Catalog Tutorial: Final Fantasy XIII-2
In this video I show you how to easily win Chocobo Races and how to ge the Durable Collector's Catalog. I've seen a few guides already on this which is why I was avoiding it but I was getting a lot of requests for a little bit more of an in depth guide. I probably left a lot out so if you have a question let me know. Note that I only infused my chocobo with a Cactuar and Pulse Gladiator, and I still had no trouble. But for those of you who want all the titles, adornments, and all the prizes and what not I offer you the complete and perfect chocobo. Materials required: Level up materials: - 31 Potent Orbs: Can be obtained easily at A Dying World 700AF. Everything but Cie'th and the metal cactuar drop them. - 46 Potent Essences: Can be obtained easily at Archylte Steppe in Clearwater marshes in rainy and sunny weather. - 23 Potent Crystals: Same location as Essences. Infusion materials: - Level 24 Microchu: This can be found at The Archylte Steppe in the Clearwater Marshes in sunny or rainy weather. This monster also drops the Potent Crystals and the Sunpetals you need also. Infusing him will give your chocobo the Dark Horse, Health Nut, and Marathoner abilities. - Level 1 Cactuar: This can be found at The Archylte Steppe in the Plains of Eternity in sunny weather. It gives you the Sprinter ability, which basically makes you unbeatable in short races. - Level 1 Pulse Gladiator: This can be found at The Archylre Steppe in the Grave Ridge or the Stonestump wasteland regions in cloudy weather. This will give you the Second Wind trait. - Level 12 Grenade: Can be found at Oerba 400AF. This will give you the Free Spirit trait. - Level 1 Barbed Specter: Can be found at The Archylte Steppe in the Grave Ridge or Stonestump Wasteland regions in cloudy weather. This will give you the Perseverance ability. - Level 22 Goblin Chieftan: Can be found in The Archylte Steppe in the Plains of Eternity in sunny weather. This will give you the Limelight ability. - Level 8 Flandit: Can be found at the Sunleth Waterscape 400AF. This will give you the Supersonic trait. Abilities: - Dark Horse: Gives you better gambling chances on your chocobo. Default ability of Silver Chocobo. If you don't have one it can be obtained from Level 18 Microchu. - Limelight: Increases your chocobo's stats for graded races. - Supersonic: Increases your boost gauge charge rate when using the "Lead the Pack" strategy. - Blue Streak: Decreases the cost of the boost command when "Follow the Pack" strategy is selected. Default ability of Silver Chocobo. If you do not have one, can be obtained from Level 1 Ceratoraptor (Sunleth Waterscape 300AF). - Health Nut: Never allows your chocobo's mood to fall below average. - Second Wind: Increases the effect of Blue Streak and Turbo. - Perseverance: Slightly recharges the boost gauge when you run out of stamina just before crossing the finish line. - Sprinter: Greatly increases speed in short-distance races. - Marathoner: Greatly increases stamina in long-distance races. Boosting your chocobos mood: - There are a couple items that are available from the vendor called Chocoboost and Chocobull. They both increase his mood by one level, but the Chocobull will make his condition better for the next race. There are 5 levels of mood: - Excellent: Indicated by a picture of a chocobo with a heart. - Good: Indicated by a picture of a chocobo with a music note. - Average: Indicated by a picture of a chocobo. - Poor: Indicated by a picture of a chocobo with a tear drop. - Terrible: Indicated by a picture of a chocobo with 4 vertical lines. If you have the Health Nut ability, you will never all under average. Hope this helps, thanks for watching.
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FFXIII-2 How to get the Durable Collector Catalog (Chocobo racing etc)
http://www.finalfantasy13-2game.com/ Just to show how easy it is to get the Durable Collector Catalog and how easy Chocobo racing is with the right Chocobo. Of course i used the silver Chocobo for this.
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Final Fantasy XIII - Behemoth King & Megistotherian grinding - Minimum necessary specs
Stats per loop: 84 seconds 6600 CP 43 gil on average 62 effective* gil on average Stats per hour: 42.9 loops 283,140 CP (566,280 CP with growth egg) 1,844 gil on average 2,660 effective* gil on average * By "effective gil", I mean the gil you essentially gain by using these organic components directly into upgrades instead of selling them and purchasing Sturdy Bones (or Barbed Tails or Vibrant Oozes). --- The purpose of this video is to detail the minimum development needed in order to effectively farm the Behemoth King and Megistotherian. This fight is commonly referred to for grinding purposes, but quite rarely are effective or efficient strategies mentioned; quite commonly people recommend parties and setups that make for prolonged fights, as people neglect the power of buffs and debuffs. This is all that is needed to achieve the fights shown in this video: * Sazh: COM--Blitz learned. SYN--Main nodes up to Enfire learned (in particular, Bravery and Haste in addition to Enfire). Total: 13,695 CP * Vanille: SAB--Main nodes up to Imperil learned (in particular, Deprotect). Total: 3,560 CP. * Fang: COM--Launch learned. SAB--Curse learned. Total: 7,000 CP. * Equipment: Vega 42s (Sazh's default weapon; bought from Up ini Arms for 2,000 gil); Belladonna Wand (Chapter 6 treasure; bought from Plautus's Workshop for 31,200 gil); Bladed Lance (Fang's default weapon; bought from Up in Arms for 4,500 gil); two Warrior's Wristbands (bought from B&W Outfitters for 10,000 gil each). And that's it. What you should take from this is: Any BK&M grinding strategy out there that boasts battle times higher than this is not an effective strategy. --- By the way, although it's probably not that worth it, here are the stats on gil and equivalent gil with various Catalogs equipped: Stats per loop: No Catalogs: see above Collector Catalog: 46 gil / 68 effective gil Connoisseur Catalog: 47 gil / 66 effective gil Collector & Connoisseur Catalog: 49 gil / 72 effective gil Stats per hour: No Catalogs: see above Collector Catalog: 1,971 gil / 2,903 effective gil Connoisseur Catalog: 2,002 gil / 2,849 effective gil Collector & Connoisseur Catalog: 2,120 gil / 3,093 effective gil
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Final Fantasy XIII easy and best way to get Gil!
Easiest way to farm gil for the treasure hunter trophy, It can be done without maxed out weapons and items. If you want Trapezohedron's instead just switch to the Connoisseur Catalog instead and you will eventually get it. You will still need as many Platinum Ingots as you can get so if you get a Platinum Ingot it's good! It takes about 25 ultracompact reactors from their 2 to max an ultimate weapon and no you don't need to max all weapons. Only 1 ultimate for each character and all their 1 weapons maxed. Their 2 does not need to be maxed!
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Final Fantasy XIII - Adamantortoise (HP:3699000) - 41 seconds via Death Spell
Vanille: Saboteur Hope: Synergist/Saboteur Sazh: Synergist/Saboteur Require: -Death Spell -Connoisseur Catalog (Best Choice) -Collector's Catalog (Good Choice) - Make sure you have enough TP - Initial Paradigm is set for Hope/Sazh to be Synergist, so they can cast Haste on Vanille, so she can cast Death at a faster rate. - Equip 'Grow Egg' accessory for 2x CP - Trapezohedron is the catalyst used to transform all weapons to their final form. It can be bought at the store for 2 Million Gil, but apparently sells for only 10,000. - Admantoise also have a common drop of: Platinum Ingots which sell for 150,000 Gil each. Please remember to LIKE the video. It helps a lot. For more FFXIII videos, click the playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL34DC6EB3B0C75135 For more FFXIII-2 videos, check the playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL40F23A24FF5BA204 SUBSCRIBE! ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?gl=GB&add_user=XCVii007r1 ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?gl=GB&add_user=XCVGames Channels: ► http://www.youtube.com/user/XCVii007r1 ► http://www.youtube.com/user/XCVGames
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Final Fantasy XIII PC Review (60fps!) - Theje's Catalog
Theje's industrious review of Final Fantasy 13, now in full 60 frames per second! Don't forget that you have to watch the video in your Chrome browser and in HD! Visit Theje on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/thejescatalog http://www.facebook.com/joelmichaelmusic Download this background track on my Soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/joel-michael-rocks/madness
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fast & Very Easy 47,000 Gil (Don Tonberry Farming)
Read Description (Skip to 1 minute for the battle encounter) This is one of the fastest ways to get Gil! If you have the Collector's Catalog this will get you even more gil! http://Twitter.com/StainlessSnow
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Final Fantasy 13's PC resolution mod - Comparison video
Yet another PC title has been upscaled by modder Durante's handy GeDoSaTo tool, mere hours after its launch. To see the PC version of Final Fantasy XIII, which is locked at a native 720p, running at 1080p using the mod, check out this comparison video. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=polygon Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/polygon/videos Visit our playlists: http://www.youtube.com/user/polygon/playlists Like Polygon on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polygon Read more at: http://www.polygon.com Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=polygon Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/polygon/videos Visit our playlists: http://www.youtube.com/user/polygon/playlists Like Polygon on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polygon Follow Polygon on Twitter: http://twitter.com/polygon Read more at: http://www.polygon.com
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Final Fantasy XIII: How to Farm Gil/ Unlimited Gil + Trapezohedron (HD)
PLEASE READ ¬¬¬¬¬¬ Trapezohedrons at 3:40 First of all, GET A COLLECTOR'S AND A CONNOISSEUR CATALOGUE (to get CONNOISSEUR; level up collector's catalogue and use a catalyst). Collector's catalogue= common items up by 50% (from 25- 37.5). Connoissuer catalogue= rare items up by 50% (from 1- 2 or 5-7.5). In this video I go into detail on how to farm gil and there's a bit on trapezohedrons. I took quite a while on this video, so please appreciate it. Some people are bound to say that I left out farming chips on the Palamecia, and the reason I didn't include this is because incentive chips, only 2 500 gil, are a rare drop from some military units, whereas a platinum ingot,150 000gil, is a common drop, and by Chapter 11 you can buy a collector's catalogue to increase the drop rate. Therefore it really isn't effecient to farm on the Palamecia, especially as it's only an hour and a half from Chapter 11. As usual, please leave a comment and like, and to see more Final Fantasy videos, check out my channel and subscribe.
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Final Fantasy XIII, Chapter 11-13 Deceptisol, Aegisol
Anyone know what else drops Deceptisol? Final Fantasy XIII, Chapter 11-13 Deceptisol, Aegisol Using Survivor's Catalog, and maybe Collector Catalogs/Connoisseur Catalog
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Final Fantasy 13 Platinum Ingot, 150,000 gils, easy money maker + 40,000 cp, or more
The Adamantoise offers some of the best rewards in the entire game: 40,000 CP, a Platinum Ingot as it normal drop (sell price 150,000 Gil) and a Trapezohedron as its rare drop. A very good leveling, money maker trick after completing the main storyline. Tactics: Use Vanille as a Saboteur, Equip her Malboro Wand for Improved Debuffing 2 as a weapon, and Sprint Shoes, for Auto-Haste and, Collector Catalog and connoisseur catalog
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Detailed Guide/Tutorial for Yomi, Long Gui, Immortal, and Ochu - Final Fantasy XIII-2
Due to limited space in the description I was unable to write out all the battle strats that I used, So I used annotations to explain the fights. If you are watching from a mobile device that doesn't show these, I'm sorry. :s I will gladly answer all questions. In this video I will attempt to show you the best method for defeating the four Steppe Bosses. I normally use the Clock Master Fragment skill when farming these enemies, but I fought them in normal speed so it would be easier to follow. You do not need to be maxed out or have a Odinblade/Odinbolt at full power to do this. Hell, you don't even need those weapons. Yomi - 00:00 Long Gui - 06:23 Ochu - 10:06 Immortal - 12:01 The equipment is shown at the beginning of the video. Note that I scrapped up Serah's equipment. If you want her to be as strong as Noel, equip her with the same things he has. I normally replace Serah's equipment with one Durable Collector's Catalog when I farm them. Paradigms are shown before each fight. Note that Tri-disaster should be Tri-disaster-X though. Let's start off with a little preparation (mainly infusions). First, here is a video I made showing the optimized Strength, Magic, and HP boost for all monsters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t526p_5oV_E&feature=plcp&context=C3a47bd3UDOEgsToPDskJjz4HW1fIFfmlK93t-uwTK Now for abilities. I will list the cheapest and easiest to find possible monster and it's location that can be infused to learn these must have abilities. - Your Ravager needs fire spells. If You can get them easily by infusing it with a Lv. 1 Tobasco Toad (New Bodhum 003AF). If you want Firaga, the easiest and cheapest monster to give it up is a Lv. 12 Bomb (The Vile Peaks 010AF). - Your Saboteur needs to know a number of spells, Curse being extremely useful and uncommon. Your Sab will most likely have the basics but I'll list them all anyways. Deprotect/Deshell - Lv. 1/5 Breshan Bass (Oerba 300AF). Poison - Lv. 1 Dendrobium (Bresha Ruins 005AF). Imperil/Curse - Lv. 1/4 Ahriman (Yaschaf Massif 100AF). - Your Synergist needs to know Bravega - Lv.13 Yakshini (The Vile Peaks 010AF). Faithga - Lv. 26 Yakshini (The Vile Peaks 010AF). And last but definitely not least: Enfire - Lv. 1 Amanojaku (Bresha Ruins 005AF). - Your Medic should know Cura - Lv. 8 Exoray (New Bodhum 003AF). This monster is in fact rare unfortunately. He appears in the Tidal Shallows and Beach Front areas. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching.
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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Easy 168,000 Gil Farming Commentary
What you need: - High lvl characters & monsters only( Maxed lvls recommended ) - Get 2 Collectors Catalogs ( Win them at the Chocobo Races ) Then upgrade them at the Chocolina's shop to get Durable Collectors Catalog. - Get all 160 Fragments to get the Clock Master Skill ( If you want to speed up time and save your self from spending hours of grinding gil )
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Raspatil / Auto Gil Farming (3,000,000 Gil per hour.)
★Necessary condition (When you would like to reproduce this video.) *160 Fragments (All) *Durable Collector Catalog x2 *GILfinder II (for Paradigm Pack) *Turbo Controller *Rubber Band (Left Analog stick to west) *Electricity bill ★Enemies Statistics *Names: Raspatil (Cie'th) *Status: HP 3,666,000 / Strength 254 / Magic 127 / Stagger 500% / Chain Res. 60 / CP 25,000 / Gil 50,000 *Common Drop: Scarletite (30%) *Location: Oerba -400 AF- ★Battle Team Serah (Leader), Noel, Paradigm Pack *Paradigm Pack: Chichu (COM) ★Equipment (W = Weapons, A = Accessories) [Serah] - HP: 6,619 / Strength: 474 / Magic: 1,000 W: Gandiva A: Durable Collector Catalog ─────────────────────────────────────────────── [Noel] - HP: 8,550 / Strength: 852 / Magic: 852 W: The Tower A: Durable Collector Catalog ★Paradigms [Serah-Noel-Paradigm Pack] SAB-MED-COM W (Scouting Party-W)
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Final Fantasy XIII Sacrifice Farming Guide 15-20 seconds
NOTE!: This is pre-post game, start of Orphan Dungeon So this is my Sacrifice farming guide, a slightly refined version of LilJester's version for higher level parties. This is only available in Chapter 13 I think, also not available post game. Setup: Fang, Lightning, Vanille. (COM/SAB/SAB) Fang: Taming Pole Tier 3 Max level. Aurora Scarf Lightning: Lionheart Tier 2/3. Aurora Scarf Vanille: Any weapon. The Catalogs. Important: Both Fang and Lightning need to have items in the Synth group Boost, this is to stay ahead of Vanille and end the battle faster. Thanks to bjvbb12. You want to make sure that Lightning has deprotectga and deshellga. This is vital as both spells have very short animation times. This will ensure that by the time Fang acts, the Sacrifices will already be staggered. (Thanks to bjvbb12) As you can see, this method requires that you do a decent amount of farming before hand. I suggest farming 1.5 million + and then heading off to Edenhall and death farming the turtle for traps. Get about 2 or 3 traps and upgrade Fang's Taming pole to Tier 3 max. And then upgrade other weapons as you go along, with 1 of the traps, i recommend that you do the dismantle trick for 3 traps. -=Note the Important msg below=- The reason why Vanille is not in RAV is just in case for what ever reason you cant kill them off, Vanille will cast pain and fog i think which prevents them from doing anything. Important: Vanille is in SAB and not RAV because Vanille in RAV will occasionally knock the Sacrifices up, causing Fang's Ruinga to miss them, therefore it is vital that she be in a job that avoids this, like SAB. (Thanks to bjvbb12) lilJesta / marter Gil Farming Guide: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/928790-final-fantasy-xiii/faqs/59442
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Final Fantasy XIII  Chapter 13  Farming Perovskite
Final Fantasy XIII Chapter 13 Perovskite Farming used 1 "Connoisseur Catalog‎"
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Final Fantasy XIII CP Farming Guide, 1 Mil CP per hour.... No Turtles!
Cactuar Prime - 30'000 CP per kill, with grow egg. Only has 1 attack, the legendary 1000 needles, here I will tell you how to beat it. ****Sorry about the quality, youtube frenched it up, it was really good before I uploaded it, grrrr!**** Cactuar Primes are the best CP givers in the whole game in my opinion, 30k per kill (with grow egg), much more CP than the famous Behemoth King/ Megametawhatever fight and much more reliable than any of those big ass and annoying turtles.I have been farming these cactuars for a while now, long before I got the grow egg, they are not that hard to beat, they only have 1 attack, so if you learn how to deal with this, you can fell this enemy with ease. You don't have to be a high level to beat him, by using this technique you can get 30'000 CP every 1.30 mins, at a half decent level, which is over a million CP per hour. Here's a run down on what to do, I know there is alot of info here but it is very in depth and i tried fitting this into the vid itself but it was over 10 minutes then =( so here it what you need to know, thanks for watching: Right, first thing is first, this can be done from chapter 11 and 13, you don't need to have completed any of the C'eith Stone mission or anything like that, all that you need to have done is unlocked the Cactuars to fight, this is unlocked after a certain cut scene involving Sazh, this cut scene is activated by strolling into a certain point in the map on the gran pulse plains. A Cactuar has 3 different forms (from weakest to strongest), Cactuar .....Giant Cactuar...... Cactuar Prime, giving 5K, 10K, and 15K respectively per kill, so with the grow egg (doubles CP) this gives a very nice 30K CP for 1 fight.. Anyways once you get into a fight with a cactuar, it will immediately start a 'cactus dance' and transform into a giant cactuar, after which it will continue to dance, this is called 'encore dance' after this it will transform into the one we want, the cactuar prime. DO NOT ATTACK THE CACTUAR UNTIL IT MATURES INTO CACTUAR PRIME! This will cancel his dance leaving him in his weaker form. Instead of attacking have your party buff up with SYN/SYN/SYN, don't bother with any saboteurs, since they cause magic damage and will cancel cactuars dance. It will takes about 30 seconds to mature into a cactuar prime. After it has matured, use COM/COM/COM or COM/COM/MED if you are at a lower level. The reason for this is that cacuar prime can cause fog (no magic) and pain (no physical) to your party with his infamous 1000 needles attack, but commandos have can deal both physical and magic (ruin) damage just incase one has been disabled, I also recommend using accessories to counter these effects. *************Important Cactuar Prime Notes************** -Only has 1 attack - the famous 1000 needles attack, deals 1000 damage regardless of protect/protecta etc. -Attacks very quickly and attacks cannot be interupted -Never attacks the same character twice in a row -1000 needles is quite a viscious attack, dealing 1000 damage, can dispel up to 3 of your buffs at once (more likely 1 or 2 though) also has a high probability of casting pain (no physical attack) and/or fog (no magic attack). - Vunerable to fire damage, has 777777 HP (i think this is a reoccuring FF thing) and is susceptible to haze which stops him in his track however it is not worth it, since it never lasts more than about 5 seconds with cactuar prime. -Common drop is a 'Chocobo Plume', component, pretty useless though, and rare drop is a 'Cactuar Doll', which sells for 15k. Very rare drop though even with connoisseur catalog.
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Crystarium and Weapon Upgrading - Final Fantasy XIII Discussion (Part 5)
In part 5 of our Final Fantasy XIII discussion, we'll be covering the crystarium and weapon upgrading system within the game. Game Tyrant's Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/gametyrant FF7 Stream Archive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9jOukBCBrI For those who wanted to look at the documents the viewers have been sending in to me, I've uploaded them to a google doc folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tWk9utK0HITBZJvs49K1bdpmLi_JKxOe And here are a few others: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TFsQ_t11TQEYfqqZYLiDvaMGd5OHNtX2J3r0RwsHsHw/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eRJQqyYrX15zmVolO62aDSQldGdiAFv1Yr1OVOPYIzc/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Uh-5yVrjMwtVIjQ_YYdg6Wk3kYYkf6owG-FQJEaK1vM/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aURYJp9kN2pHHIgT2UwUF3Ltm-V9J4geuBWe8W2uj1A/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ps4abo_vF-bPy0TybOcUzz4aF-Y3eAXwF5FcawaMbE0/edit Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/KRZkCHa Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/darkpixelgaming Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/darkpixelgames/ Twitter: @darkpixeltv, @mcbreest
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Final Fantasy XIII - Long Gui ( Vanille / Fang  / Sazh )
Very simple way to kill the toughest enemy of the game, Long Gui (Dragon Turtle). You'll need a fortisol, 3 Technique Points and very good equipment. You'll also get "Adamant Will" Trophy if you haven't killed Long Guis earlier. EQUIPMENT: Vanille WPN: Tier 3 Belladonna wand (lv. *) ACC1: Magistral Crest lv. * ACC2: Magistral Crest lv. * ACC3: Weirding Glyph lv. * ACC4: Genji Glove Fang WPN: Tier 3 Bladed Lance (lv. *) ACC1: Kaiser Knuckles lv. * ACC2: Kaiser Knuckles lv. * ACC3: Kaiser Knuckles lv. * ACC4: Kaiser Knuckles lv. * Sazh WPN: Hyades Magnums (tier 2 Pleiades) (lv. *) ACC1: Kaiser Knuckles lv. * ACC2: Kaiser Knuckles lv. * ACC3: Kaiser Knuckles lv. * ACC4: Collector's Catalog
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Gil Farming - Raspatil (1:01 - No Feral Links & with Collector Catalogs)
(FF XIII 2) Final Fantasy XIII-2: Gil Farming - Raspatil (1:01 - No Feral Links & with Collector Catalogs) Serah: Weapon - Gandiva (Chain Bonus Lv 5) Accessories - Durable Collector Catalog (100/100) Noel: Weapon - Grasitha (Chain Bonus Lv 5) Accessories - Durable Collector Catalog (100/100) Serah - Noel - Chichu / Cloudburst / Purple Chocobo Cerberus X (COM COM COM) Cerberus X (COM COM COM) Smart BOMB (SAB RAV RAV) Smart BOMB (Sab RAV RAV) Malevolence W (RAV RAV SYN) Malevolence W (RAV RAV SYN)
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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Potent Crystal Farming---Microchu
Subscribe if you wish to recieve our future FFXIII-2 video's! This video will show a quick and easy way to farm 'Potent Crystals' by battling Microchu's in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Potent Crystals are the highest level item needed to upgrade biological monsters, and are fairly rare to find. It is common to need a couple of hundred crystals to fully upgrade the BEST monster allies in the game, so being able to farm them quickly and easily is essential. Microchu's can drop up to six crystals per battle if you have the 'Collectors Catalogue' equipped so it is advised to use it. We found that we found MORE Microchu's spawn with Battlemania turned OFF, but the battles work on percentages so it could be different.
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Final Fantasy XIII-2, How to Farm Potent Essence and Crystals.
This is the place to farm grade 4 and 5 potent monster materials. Clearwater Marshes in Archylte Steppe (??? AF) Microchu drops Potent Crystals Hedge Frog drops Potent Essence In this video I used Encounter Master on More Enemies, and make sure you turn Battlemania off You'll get a lot of Goblins and Blue Chocobos, Also I use a Durable Collectors Catalog combined with 5 stars on the battle, you'll always get 1 material per ochu/frog you kill. (Item boosting monsters are also helpful). So you go to the middle island area and run in circles till you get either the Ochus or Frogs, if it is goblins or a blue chocobo run away from them, and that's pretty much it. Good Luck!
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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Raspatil (1:06) - 175,000 Gil (No Chichu - No Feral Links)
Opponent: Raspatil Location: Oerba AF400 Gil: 175,000 Equipment needed: 2 x Durable Collector Catalog. Monster needed: Metallicactuar with Gilfinder II. Metallicactuar is pretty useful even for taming monsters. His Feral Link always does a 777% synchro, if you get the command right. Options for you if you don't want to add Gilfinder on your Chichu and still want to get the maximum gil possible!
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Final Fantasy XIII : Farming gil
Post game and Ultimate weapons + equipment. Equip Collector Catalog + Connoisseur Catalog. Go back to save point and restart = The Adamantoise will be back. You can also use Vanille's death trick. If you are Lucky you get a Trapezohedron.
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 [HD] - Omega & Lightning vs Raspatil
Killed in one stagger, can be alot faster but requires other accessories instead of Catalogs and more luck in Debuffing faster
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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Gil Farming - Raspatil
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Gil Farming - Raspatil (Under 2 minutes) Enemy - Raspartil (Rare Monster) [Use Battlemania to get him to spawn] Location - Oerba AF400 Noel: Weapon - Romulus and Remus Accessory - Durable Collector Catalog (100/100) Serah: Weapon - Indrajit Accessory - Durable Collector Catalog (100/100) Important steps - Make sure you get Deshell, Imperil and Deprotect to hit. Usually it's better to kill of the wave of monsters before he staggers, but I was a little too quick to stagger him.
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FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 - Yomi Battle (Trapezohedron Farming Strategy)
Read the description please! (Use the CLOCK MASTER fragment skill to farm faster + NORMAL MODE for higher drop rates) Yomi is unfortunately the only source of Trapezohedrons in FFXIII-2. The drop rate is stunning 5%! Durable Collector's Catalog on both characters sure help a lot, but you are still going to spend a while farming them... Oh yeah, forgot to mention: you need TWO Trapezohedrons for EACH ATB+1 weapon, so you need to get FOUR of them to get weapons for Serah and Noel. I already had Serah's weapon, Sagittarius, and this battle gave me the second Trapezohedron for Noel's weapon. So this was my last ever Yomi battle :)
Long Gui farming / thoughts on FFXIII-2
One thing I forgot to mention: You can and probably should give Hope your Catalogs!
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FFXIII Adamantortoise kill 1min.AVI
wanted to see how fast I could kill it. used the shrouds even though I didn't need it so I could save a few seconds by not having to buff. XD equips on sahz: Hyades Magnums lv61 Warriors Wristband lv1, Aurora Scarf, Sprint Shoes, Collector's Catalog
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FFXIII-2 Power Crystal Farming - 0:12 Moblins
A fast method for farming the highly useful Power Crystals on a "standard optimized" Crystarium (Strength Noel and Magic Serah). Power Crystals are not guaranteed from these battles, but whenever you get them it is in batches of 3 or 6. Battle times range from 10 to 13 seconds. Near identical results are achieved with the following weapons: Odinbolt/Odinblade (160 Fragments) Indrajit/Romulus & Remus Sagittarius/Mac an Luin Pack Mentality is ignored as the other Ochus are useful for infusion. Other accessories are usable over one Durable Collector's Catalog, but the difference in time taken is minimal at best. It's a budding channel, so please like/subscribe if you found this useful.
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Let's Play Final Fantasy XIII #081 - Cut Him Off At The Knees
In this episode, I decide to make a foolish attempt to kill an Adamantoise with only a Stage 9 Crystarium, no Death, no Random: Instant Chain, or Shrouds. Can it be done? New Abilities Learned Lightning - Provoke (Sentinel) Lightning - Poison (Saboteur) Lightning - Bravery, Faith, Enthunder (Synergist) Sazh - Provoke (Sentinel) Sazh - Poison (Saboteur) Sazh - Cure (Medic) Snow - Cure (Medic) Vanille - Provoke (Sentinel) Hope - Faultsiphon (Commando) Hope - Provoke (Sentinel) Fang - Veil, Bravera, Faithra, Protectra (Synergist) Fang - Cure (Medic) Adamantoise Preparations Recommended Equipment Sazh: Hyades Magnums, Warrior's Wristband, Warrior's Wristband, Warrior's Wristband Lightning: Enkindler, Collector Catalog, Connoisseur Catalog, Growth Egg Fang: Venus Gospel, Warrior's Wristband, Warrior's Wristband, Warrior's Wristband Recommended Paradigms SYN/COM/SAB SAB/SAB/SAB RAV/RAV/SAB RAV/RAV/SAB COM/COM/COM COM/COM/COM Equipment Upgraded (experience to max) Pleiades Hi-Powers (33000) + Perovskite = Hyades Magnums Hyades Magnums (437550) Taming Pole (54800) + Uraninite = Venus Gospel Venus Gospel (334656) + Trapezohedron = Kain's Lance Collector Catalog (1050) + Mnar Stone = Connoisseur Catalog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57ssbWK3yhY The above link is to the video that I blatantly copied for the strategy used in this video. Although, I did some tweaking to suit my own needs. To max out Tier 2 weapons on experience, use Ultracompact Reactors. Thanks for watching!
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Playthrough Pt. 41 - Getting 2 Collector Catalogs
In this video I race my Silver Chocobo to the top, well at least until I'm able to obtain those two collector catalogs! I just learned that you need to complete the game in order to get Durable Collector Catalogs but assuming these will still be helpful enough to get me items I might need before beating the game!
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FFXIII-2 Yomi Farming
Fighting Yomi. Excellent gil farming option with 2x Durable Collector's Catalogs equipped. It drops Trapzehedron rarely too. Recorded live from http://twitch.tv/gyoruspy
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Final Fantasy XIII - How to Get Sprint Shoes | 2 Methods | 4K 60fps
Final Fantasy XIII - PC Final Fantasy XIII - How to Get Sprint Shoes Cie'th Stone Location: Yaschas Massif - Paddraean Archaeopolis Mark Location: Yaschas Massif - Paddraean Archaeopolis You can farm for Tetradic Tiara and Tetradic Crown from Bituitus in Mission 7. Aside from that, the mission reward gives you Bomb Core x5 which you can use them for upgrades or you can sell them for 600 Gil each, not too bad as a gil farming spot. Upgrade a Collector Catalog to Connoisseur Catalog using a Mnar Stone, this will increase the odds of getting a rare item after battle. *Sorry I overused components when upgrading Connoisseur Catalog, don't mind me =p Method 1: Upgrade a Tetradic Tiara to the max and dismantle it to receive a Sprint Shoes. (This is the easiest and straight forward way) Method 2: Upgrade a Tetradic Crown to the max and dismantle it to receive a Hermes Sandals. Then upgrade it to the max and upgrade to a Sprint Shoes with a Perovskite. (Perovskite is available from The Motherlode store for 30,000 Gil.) Method 3: Chocobo digging - Tetradic Crown (5th Chocobo digging prize, can be found anywhere on Archylte Steppe) -Tetradic Tiara (10th Chocobo digging prize, can be found anywhere on Archylte Steppe) This method is the most tedious Be sure to watch in 4K for best visual =D Final Fantasy XIII Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyam7UPMK2jTa7YW9YOagVT98yHPAMXqV Final Fantasy XIII Mission Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyam7UPMK2jSBZ95Qt8ywt0LLMImWSmC8 Console Buttons Mod download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11CQQmSGb1ydM7cY0jDNumnqwIXNM253b/view?usp=sharing Thank you for watching and see you in the next one! =) As always, thank you so much everyone for your continual support and sub! Facebook⇾ https://www.facebook.com/l3lindedbyLight Twitter⇾ https://twitter.com/BlindedbyLight_ Make more friends here at my Discord⇾https://discord.gg/jBXyeEP
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Best Infusion Stats for Monster Crystals (Strength, Magic, and HP)
Sorry if the the text in the video is too fast and hard to read, I was rushing to get this done. Just pause it if you need to, but all the info will be here in the description as well. If I left out anything or if you have any questions just leave a comment. I will answer it. :) For more infusions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx_6m9Tha04&feature=youtu.be First off the Index: - Optimized Strength and Magick: 00:00 - Optimized HP: 03:16 - Almost Optimized HP: 05:44 - Farming for Potent Orbs: 07:13 - Farming for Potent Crystals and Essences: 07:57 Let's get started, it's recommended that you have a lot of Gil for this process. If you have 2 Durable Collector's Catalogs, this can be done while your killing Tonberries. They drop a nice sum of Gil per kill. If you want to prepare before hand, here is a link to the fastest way to get money (provided your party can handle it). This link also provides information on the Durable Collector's Catalog if you have any questions about it in the description. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh3DTpNFebc&feature=plcp&context=C3952cc4UDOEgsToPDskIeynT2ybT3sW-c2748sSGk Now we get serious. First you need to find Tonberry in Bresha Ruins 300AF. He appears very often with the Battlemania fragment skill on. You can also turn on Encounter Master and set it to more enemies. The Monster Collector fragment skill also helps a lot. I got a crystal every 3 kills or less, most of the time in 2 kills, and even got 3 back to back. You want to be able to take out Tonberry as swiftly as possible, he is very strong and is easy to die by if you aren't careful. I use an offensive method which consists of Superiority for the buffs (Syn Sab Yakshini, though you can have 3 Syns to make it easier since he is immune to all debuffs), Tri-disaster (Rav Rav Lightning) to build his chain to about 350-400%, Cerberus (Com Com Twilight Odin) to finish him off, and of course Discretion (Med Med Twilight Odin) to heal, because you WILL need it. If you don't want to spend much time with your synergists, at least put protect and vigilance and your party. Once you get his crystal you will need: - 31 Orbs - 13 Essences - Then level him up to 24, and infuse him with the desired monster for a 35% Strength and Magick boost along with the Ally KO: Power Surge passive ability. Then rinse and repeat for all desired monsters. Next is the Forked Cat in Oerba 400AF who usually appears with a Zaghnal, and the Pulse Knight in Bresha Ruins 005AF. These fights don't really need a stretegy. Once you have their crystals, you will need: - 24 Slivers for Forked Cat - 28 Bolts for Pulse Knight - 32 Orbs for Forked Cat - 63 Essences for Forked Cat - 11 Crystals for Forked Cat - Once Forked Cat is at 54 or Pulse Knight is at 20, infuse them for a 30% or 25% HP bonus. Note that like I said in the video, the extra 5% isn't really worth it in my opinion because it only nets you about 300 hp on an average monster for an incredible amount of extra work. Next is farming locations. Orbs are obtained the fastest at A Dying World 700AF. Everything outside the village area drops them 2 at a time except the metal cactuar. You will get 4-8 orbs a fight if you have a Collector's Catalog if depending on how many you fight at a time. Essences are dropped by everything in the Archylte Steppe's Clearwater Marshes in rainy weather, but I would stay away from the Chocobos and the Armadillon creature, as they take too long to kill for only 1 essence. The only exception to these monsters is the Microchu, who drops Potent Crystals as a common drop. I hope this helps! Thanks for watching.
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FFXIII - Adamantoise (Eden - Leviathan Plaza, no Death)
Adamantoise is known as one of the hardest encounters in the game. They're well known under the more experienced players for dropping Platinum Ingots and Trapezohedrons. This is me fighting the Adamantoise at Eden, Leviathan Plaza, without using death. I have mastered almost all roles for all characters and have Lightning's ultimate weapon, Omega Weapon. It has Quick Stagger because it transformed from Lionheart - Ultima Weapon. I also use Genji Glove to break the damage cap to 999,999 (Although I don't have enough strength yet), Growth Egg (double CP, reward for mission 55), Connoisseur Catalog (Upgraded Collector's Catalog) and Tetradic Tiara. The key to winning without using Death (which most players use) is debuffing the Adamantoise and staggering him ASAP. The easiest way to take out his legs is by summoning whichever Eidolon you want. When he's down, debuff him and then switch to Ravager to raise the stagger gauge. After that just use commandos and he should go down if you have enough strength. There is a VERY low drop rate for the Trapezohedron, so make sure you equip the Connoisseur Catalog to increase the chance.
Views: 20832 DezuReborn
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - 150,000 GIL in around 4 minutes [HD]
NOTE: If you add another durable collectors catalogue you can add another 50,000 gil reward at the end of the battle. Earn 100,000 with one Durable Collectors Catalogue after the battle and earn 50k+ for selling the three Scarlites you get at the end of the battle. Battle takes place in Oerba 400 AF against Raspatil. These battles are on EASY mode. I've already killed him on normal and you get the same about of gil by killing him on easy.
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Final Fantasy XIII HD Long Gui Farming (No shrouds, no summon)
Long Guis replace Adamantoise once you finish the Cie'th missions that form a circle in the Gran Pulse Central Expanse (sorry, I forget the numbers). These things are way meaner, more damaging, and have 16 million HP so I don't recommend even trying them until you are fully maxed out on crystarium and have the tier 3 ultimate weapons for your characters. Also, this probably isn't the most efficient way to farm these things, but I have yet to find another that is consistent (without shrouds and summon) My setup is Fang with 3x Kaiser Knuckles and Genji Glove, Lightning with the same setup as Fang, and Vanille with a Magistral Crest, Collector Catalog, Connoisseur Catalog, and Genji Glove. Paradigm setup is Sen/Sen/Sen (default) Com/Med/Med Syn/Syn/Syn Rav/Rav/Rav Sab/Sab/Sab Com/Com/Com IMPORTANT: If you ever see the Long Gui casting Quake, Roar, or Ultima SWITCH TO SEN/SEN/SEN to eat the damage, or you will most likely die/lose a member. This applies throughout the entire fight. You may want to do this for stomps as well (I do) Start off with Sen/Sen/Sen and eat the Ultima, then switch to Syn/Syn/Syn and get haste and protectra on each member. If you took a lot of damage from the ultima (member has less than 5k HP) then switch to Com/Med/Med and heal the low members. Switch to Sab/Sab/Sab and get deprotect and imperil on the leg, then switch to Rav/Rav/Rav and break the leg until 900%. Once it's at 900% switch to Com/Med/Med and highwind it to kill it. Switch back to Sab/Sab/Sab and get deprotect+imperil on the other leg. Switch to Syn/Syn/Syn and cast bravera and faithra on each member (do Fang last). Lightning should enfire everyone as you're doing this. Once buffed, go to Rav/Rav/Rav and break the leg, this time to 700% before switching to Com/Med/Med and highwinding it Switch to Sab/Sab/Sab and cast Slow on the Long Gui. Continue casting debuffs on it until deprotect, deshell, imperil, slow, and POISON are on it. Poison is important. Once that's done, switch to Rav/Rav/Rav and break the head until about 900% before switching to Com/Com/Com. Just keep attacking it and make sure to throw in a highwind before the break bar is done. The Long Gui should have around half its HP gone Now, instead of trying to break it again, heal up if needed and rebuff haste and protectra on everyone. Once the Long Gui gets up, change to Sen/Sen/Sen because it will attack you. Sometimes it will do roar+ultima, ultima+stomp, or just one of the 3 so be sure to wait a second before moving to the next paradigm. Again, switch to Sab/Sab/Sab and get imperil+deprotect on a leg, then Rav/Rav/Rav to break it. If you have bravera and enfire on your character still, switch to Com/Med/Med at 700%, otherwise wait till 900% and highwind the leg to kill it. Repeat for the second leg. As he's falling down, switch to Syn/Syn/Syn and cast bravera on Fang IF she doesn't have it. Then just repeat the instructions above (debuff to the head, break it, commando it down). This should kill it, but if it doesn't, I guess you can try to kill the legs again, though I've never had to do all that again. Remember, always switch to Sen/Sen/Sen when the Long Gui is attacking/casting something, otherwise you will probably die. Then switch to Com/Med/Med if needed before continuing on. Other videos you might be interested in: Shaolong Gui farming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tG-hPystVc Adamantoise farming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qpv9-roLxs4 Adamantoise Farming w/ Summon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GknD0q2ry0
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 -  Defeating Raspatil in 2min
Raspatil is the Hidden Boss in Obera 400 AF. He has 3.666.000 HP the key to defeat him is to cast deshell and imperil, have a strong COM monster like chichu and strong SYN like Yakshini. Have yakshini infuse a monster with and EN, either en-fire, en-frost, en-aero... ability. If Noel has 900-1000 in strength and Serah has 900-1000 in magic Raspatil will go down in one stagger. He is also the boss you want to farm for gil once u have durable collector catalog.
Views: 17539 Brandon Bhola
Final Fantasy 13-2 Fastest/Best way to farm gil 200000 in 3 mins!!
150000 for the fight and sell the 3 scarlites to another 50k its not to hard a fight it will also be much faster if you play on easy Needed - 2 Durable collector catalogs and Battlemania fragment skill Doing this for the first time unlocks the trophy Fair Fighter But you must fight him on normal for the trophy
Views: 166760 xDARKLIQUID
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Yomi with Cactuar [Normal Mode]
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Yomi with Cactuar (Under 3 mins) Noel: (Lv 99 in all roles) Weapon: Romulus and Remus Accessories: Durable Collector Catalog (100/100) Serah: (Lv 99 in all roles) Weapon: Indrajit Accessories: Genji Glove (70/100), Delicate Black Belt (30/100) Paradigms: (Serah - Noel - Monster) Cerberus - COM COM COM (Cactuar) Cerberus - COM COM COM (Cactuar) - For ATB Refresh Diversity - MED RAV COM (Cactuar) Ruthless - SAB RAV COM (Cactuar) Recuperation - MED SYN SYN (Yakshini) Tortoise - SEN SEN SEN (Pulse Gladiator) Cactaur is so awesome. Notice that guitar on his back? :3
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Farming Power Crystals & Lightning DLC
Read description: Video showing how to obtain Power Crystals & Essences for your COM monsters. I also show the DLC Lightning obtained from beating her in the Coliseum. Watch in 720p. Go to Archylte Steppe; Stonestump Wastelands making sure you have already set the weather to sunny. It helps to have the Battlemania fragment which spawns rare monsters. You unlock that by obtaining 100% on all maps. Equip the Durable Collector Catalog to improve the odds of getting these rare crystals. You'll most probably get lots of Power Essences too. The monster group you are looking for is Major Moblin and Moblins.
Views: 28337 FinalFantasySeven
Final Fantasy XIII // Critical Analysis
What do you think of this analysis? Leave your thoughts below and consider subscribing to the channel. "It's now been about 2 years since I first did my original Final Fantasy XIII Critical Analysis, but with the loss of my original David Ryatta channel that video and the other Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns were lots. I had a backup of Lightning Returns and thankfully a fan had downloaded the XIII-2 one but I opted as it was my first to completely remake XIII with new video footage and a complete new commentary. So here we are; Final Fantasy XIII in a full review remade from my original notes which was the only thing I retained from the original Case Study" GIVEAWAY RULES: Leave a comment, be constructive.. I'll contact the winner on the back of their channel or by Twitter if I can find one for you :) "My old channel was terminated for reasons I'll never, if your new welcome to the channel, else if you knew me before thanks for returning and I hope that you'll consider subscribing again." You can get a detailed summary of my old channels deletion here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLOHtdiaRaU The few Review Videos David Ryatta Channel I had backed up have been uploaded to a new Vid.me channel: vid.me/David_Ryatta Keep watching for more quality Critical Analysis and Review videos, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel or follow me on Facebook where you can see my artwork as well or on Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/DavidRyatta/ https://twitter.com/David_Ryatta
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Final Fantasy XIII Review (Updated Version)
Time to be George Lucas and go back and re-edit my previous work. I did this review back in 2015 and I was very proud of it. However, the review was unfortunately at a low resolution because the computer I was using at the time could not export high resolution video. Thus, original version of the review looked like crap and changed between 4:3 and 16:9 all the time. Now I have a very high quality computer and better editing software so I went back and did what I could to repair the damage done in the original exporting process. Mostly, I readjusted the frame sizes, up-scaled it to 720p (probably could have done 1080p but decided not to), replaced some washed out footage and pictures and gave it a proper ending to tie it into the Final Fantasy XIII-2 review. #FinalFantasyXIII #FinalFantasy #SquareEnix
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Yomi
Finally a normal mode video :) Build: Paradigm Packs: Chichu - Sazh - Blue Chocobo Paradigms: Serah - Noel - Paradigm Pack Synergist - Synergist - Synergist Commando - Commando - Commando Medic - Medic - Synergist Ravager - Ravager - Ravager Sentinel - Sentinel - Synergist Sabotour - Sabotour - Synergist Items: Serah: Weapon: Izanami Accessories: Durable Collector Catalog (for farming) Noel: Weapon: Odinblade Accessories: Durable Collector Catalog (for farming)
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Final Fantasy XIII HD Gil/CP Farming (Adamantoise/Adamantortoise)
80k CP per kill (using a Growth Egg, 40k without one) Possible Platinum Ingot (150k gil) or Trapazehedron drop each kill (Better chances using Item Catalog and it's upgraded one for rare items) Also, you can do it with a summon technique if you're bored, have spare TP, or are not powerful enough to defeat these with this method: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GknD0q2ry0 This strategy works on the adamantoise and adamantortoise in Gran Pulse. Suggest you do this after you beat the game since that will unlock crystarium level 10 (more stats) My party is Fang, Lighting, and Vanille but you can swap by preference. I would recommend each party member have at least 14k health, Genji gloves for Fang, and most crystal trees nearly maxed out (kinda have to be to have that much HP anyway). I have 3rd tier weapons for Fang and Lightning (upgraded Dragoon Lance and Lionheart) but I've done it with the 2nd tier ones. For Vanille I'm using the Malboro Staff for debuff effectiveness (2nd tier). You want a lot of attack power with 2 of your members, and a lot of magic with the other (for healing). All must have ravager available. The healer must have saboteur while the other 2 should have commando and either synergist or saboteur Start off with Synergist Synergist Medic to get and do the cast order shown in the video (fang has bravera/protect, other two have protect(ra)/faith(ra), everyone has haste) Switch to Ravager Ravager Medic and blast one of the legs until it breaks. If you aren't maxed out yet, get the percentage up an extra 100-200% Switch to Commando Medic Medic and highwind that leg to kill it. Target the other leg and start attacking before switching (so the CPU targets it when you switch, instead of the head) Switch back to Ravager Ravager Medic and break the leg Switch to Commando Medic Medic and highwind the leg Switch to Synergist Saboteur Saboteur and bravera/faithra yourself and lightning (important to have 2 saboteur or 1 saboteur+1 ravager to keep the chain going). Once you see the adamantoise with deprotect, deshell, and imperil... Switch to Ravager Ravager Ravager and break it. Continue until the chain is up to 800 or 900% Switch to Commando Commando Ravager and burn it down Collect CP and hopefully an ingot/trapazehedron, move to the next one (there's 4 - 2 in the enclosed area and 2 roaming the plains). Save, quit, reload and repeat Other things that may be of interest: Shaolong Gui farming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tG-hPystVc Long Gui kill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5Eopd2kXig
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Let's Play: Final Fantasy XIII - Part 67 "Upgrading Accessories" | HD
Hey there everybody, and welcome to my third installment to the "Let's Play" series! This time I will be bringing you a 100 % walkthrough to Final Fantasy XIII! Everything you need to know about this newly released master piece by Square Enix will be contained in this guide, ranging from: Main Story Walkthrough, Post Game Guide, Ultimate Weapons, Legendary Accessories, Secret Bosses, Optional Areas, Cie'th Stone Missions, Side Quests, CP and Gil Farming, Equipment Upgrades, Crystarium Advancement, Boss Strategies, Enemy Intel, Party Selection, Paradigms, Achievements/ Trophies, and much much more! By the time you have viewed this walkthrough from start to finish, you will be a seasoned pro at Final Fantasy XIII. My goal is to make your playthrough as easy and enjoyable as possible. Also I wanted to thank all my subscribers and contributors for making this walkthrough possible. Your the best! Dont forget to like, subscribe, and comment for more high quality HD videos to all your favorite games! Below you will find a link to the complete playlist for Final Fantasy XIII, Enjoy!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKoYc-lvfvU&list=PLtMeXWvwR8hEj9w5uUbbh8pwUyI9UUuVH&index=1
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Final Fantasy XIII - How to Kill Adamantoise without Death | 1440p 60fps
Final Fantasy XIII - PC This quick video will show you how to kill Adamantoise without the Death Trick. You need to use Sazh as Leader your party should be using Tier 2 weapons. You can use any weapons you like for Fang and Lightning, but Hyades Magnums is preferred for Sazh due to the high power stats. The Energy Sash is there for faster TP recharge purposes. It is better for you to have completed Stage 8 Crystarium or early stage 9 crystarium in order to attempt this. Sazh's weapon and accessories: - Hyades Magnums (Upgraded from Pleiades Hi-Powers with Perovskite) - Power Gloves x 2 (Upgraded from Warrior's Wristband with Scarletite) - Energy Sash (Upgraded from Speed Sash with Mnar Stone) Lightning's weapon and accessories: - Enkindler (Upgraded from Axis Blade with Adamantite) - Aurora Scarf (Upgraded from Whistlewind Scarf with Rhodochrosite) - Power Gloves (Upgraded from Warrior's Wristband with Scarletite) Fang's weapon and accessories: - Glaive (Upgraded from Bladed Lance with Perovskite) - Collector Catalog (Available in Moogleworks Store) - Connoisseur Catalog (Upgraded from Collector Catalog with Mnar Stone) A very useful weapon / Accessories Upgrading Tool: http://concubidated.com/ffxiii/ Check out my other gil farming video here if you don't wanna kill turtles: https://youtu.be/c3ZU5y2L2AQ Be sure to watch in 4K for best visual =D Final Fantasy XIII Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyam7UPMK2jTa7YW9YOagVT98yHPAMXqV Final Fantasy XIII Mission Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyam7UPMK2jSBZ95Qt8ywt0LLMImWSmC8 How to Get Sprint Shoes easily: https://youtu.be/uFKT-rlV5GM How to Get Enkindler for Lightning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3ZU5y2L2AQ Console Buttons Mod download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11CQQmSGb1ydM7cY0jDNumnqwIXNM253b/view?usp=sharing Thank you for watching and see you in the next one! =) As always, thank you so much everyone for your continual support and sub! Facebook⇾ https://www.facebook.com/l3lindedbyLight Twitter⇾ https://twitter.com/BlindedbyLight_ Make more friends here at my Discord⇾https://discord.gg/jBXyeEP
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Final Fantasy XIII - Champion's Badge Upgrade: Survivalist Catalog
Versão: Playstation 3 Melhor visualizado: 720p expandido Better viewed: 720p double size Evoluindo o acessório Champion's Badge para Survivalist Catalog. Informações sobre o jogo: Nome: Final Fantasy XIII Gênero: RPG Plataformas: PS3 / X360 Distribuidora: Square Enix Desenvolvedora: Square Enix Data de Lançamento: 09 de Março, 2010 Para notícias sobre games, acesse: http://filialdosgames.blogspot.com/